Earn an Income & Other Perks

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Essentials and Drops

Twice a year, the “Essentials” come out as the perfect 20 item wardrobe. These are the key, daily go-to pieces in every woman’s closet—the foundation and canvas for which you add color, texture, trend or luxury pieces. Made with high-quality fabrics, essentials are the indispensable pieces that women replace over and over. Ambassadors purchase the collection to show the fit and fabric of the clothing.

The “Drops” are three items a month that are more trend driven, created from a unique fabric, based off a creative theme, or as a collaboration with a “Darling” kind of influencer. Drops are limited edition and create scarcity demand.

These are the pieces that can accent the Essentials, building out a wardrobe with statement pieces. Ambassadors are not required to purchase the Drops but receive 25% off + Darling imagery of each piece and can sell and earn a
commission off Drops.

Darling Society Blazer

Commission Structure

Darling is not structured as a multi-level marketing (MLM) business; Ambassadors only receive commission based off their own sales. However, we do believe in the power of community in doing “good business,” so we have a strong referral program through which we seek to grow our Ambassador community through personal relationship. We ask women to be thoughtful about who they introduce to this opportunity, as we are seeking to have the message of Darling be shared with intentionality.

Bonuses and Perks

If you refer a friend to be a Darling Ambassador, you receive $250 in Darling Dollars and your friend also receives $250 in Darling Dollars—it’s a win-win! Darling Dollars can be used for anything on the Darling store (think of them like store credit), but you can also use them toward one of your payments toward your Essentials Line!

*To receive, referrals must sign the contract and put down deposit.

Darling Society Commission Information