Ambassador or Affiliate

About the Darling Society

Darling was born out of the need to challenge society’s unrealistic beauty standards. We believe that all women are inherently beautiful and unique works of art. Our mission is to empower women, create a supportive community, and bring about change in the way we perceive ourselves.

This ethos is at the core of our newly launched clothing line. Each piece is designed with the intention to make every woman feel confident, comfortable, and truly herself. But we need your help to spread this message.

Change the Narrative, Make a Difference

Getting dressed can often be a frustrating and lonely reminder of our insecurities. We want to change that. As a Darling Ambassador or Affiliate, you can help women realize their inherent beauty, dress with confidence, and transform the way they perceive themselves and their bodies.

By sharing our clothing line and our message, you can play an integral role in changing the narrative around women’s beauty and fashion. You can help others to remember that they are, indeed, works of art. And the best part? You can do good while also earning a commission as a part of our community.

Join a Community, Foster Empowerment

In addition to earning commissions and other perks, you’ll be part of our supportive community. This is a space where meaningful relationships are formed, important conversations happen, and true change begins. As a Darling Ambassador or Affiliate, you get the chance to influence this community and, by extension, the wider narrative around women’s self-perception.

The Choice is Yours

We understand everyone’s journey is different, which is why we offer two paths – Darling Ambassador and Darling Affiliate. Find out more about the benefits and requirements for each program and choose the one that suits you best.

  • Ambassador


    Promote the brand, product and mission both digitally and in person; success as an Ambassador will be based upon a combination of content requirements.


    Regular gifting, exclusive access to Darling events and other great benefits, with monthly requirements in return.

  • Affiliate


    Share and mention Darling on social in an authentic way (no monthly requirements).


    One round of gifting with no monthly requirements. Evergreen affiliate link provided for use whenever you choose to share.

Why Join Us?

Becoming an Ambassador or Affiliate offers you an exciting opportunity to:

  • Grow your personal brand or business, while promoting self-empowerment and community among women.
  • Share our message and high-quality, versatile clothing line.
  • Receive gifted product, competitive commissions, personal discounts, and much more.
  • Be part of a meaningful and supportive community through our online platform, Society Table.
  • Participate in exclusive Darling events and activities.