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Darling Magazine Issue No. 26

Darling Magazine Issue No. 26

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In a digital world, there’s nothing like print, so buy yourself a copy, sit down with a coffee and get ready to be refreshed. This issue also makes a unique and encouraging gift; your friends will love getting some snail mail! 

Our new Fall Issue of Darling Magazine is printed on high quality paper and full of over 20+ inspiring essays and beautiful photography centered around our theme of “Reframing.”

High-level, this theme explores how personal growth requires us knowing what holds us back—whether that be a habitual mindset or unhealthy habits—and reframing, or rewriting, our personal narratives. Negative things don’t go away on their own, they must be sent away by new messages and reframed by new visions. For the most important moments in our lives, we must frame them like art, so they are burned in our memory, and dictate the direction of our future. The imagery is meant to evoke a reminder that your life is a work of art, worthy to be framed. Overall, the visuals are warm, inviting and mysterious, drawing you into a new adventure of ways you’ve never functioned before.

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