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Greater Things Ahead Puzzle No. 3

Greater Things Ahead Puzzle No. 3

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This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle was designed to remind us that there is always hope for greater things ahead. The picture is featured on both the top and bottom of the box so that several people can easily work on the puzzle at once. The side of the box has a few Darling conversation questions to spark a good discussion while you puzzle. When you're finished, "Puzzle It Forward" and write a note in the top of the box and pass it on to someone you love!

Puzzle Image by Monica Choi

  • 500 pieces.
  • Average finish time of 5-7 hours.
  • Finished puzzle size: 24"x18".
  • Linen style finish to reduce glare.

Product Details

Puzzle Image by Monica Choi

  • 500 pieces
  • Average finish time 4-6 hours
  • Finished puzzle size 24" X 18"
  • Linen-style finish to reduce glare

Fabric & Care

  • Keep materials dry


Fit Notes from Our Founder Sarah

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